August 2nd 2016, 50th anniversary celebration of Heiwa Auto Group

50th Anniversary celebration was held at Hyatt Regency Osaka. 200 Heiwa Auto Group members and 300 guests who are cooperative companies, Izumiotsu mayor and famous musician group joined the party.

August 1st 2016, General Meeting of Heiwa Auto Group

A general meeting was held by 200 Heiwa members at Sunroute-Kanku.

March 2nd 2016, Opened Marugen Ramen Kashihara shop

HEIWA DINIG Co., Ltd. (business partner) opened the Marugen Ramen Kashihara shop.

Company Information

Pursuing permanent development as
an enterprise and contributing to society
as well as the happiness of employees
by always having an appreciative heart
shown by those who cherish their
relationship with others.

We continue to create the next standard aiming to be an infrastructure of the used car exporting industry.

Heiwa Auto was established in 1966 as a motorbike shop and eventually started to handle automobiles with the development of the economy in Japan.
However, the most important turning point arrived in the first half of 1990. Earlier than any other company in the trade, we were convinced that the used car export market will expand in the future. Thus, we withdrew from the business of selling used cars in Japan, which was already in a saturated state and reinforced the used car exporting business by shifting our sales to foreign customers.
Through innovative approaches in quality improvement, reformation of logistics, constructing information communication and others, we have promoted strong globalization in markets around the globe.
Our stance toward these approaches will not change. We will continue to expand the used car exporting market and the potential of our business through new approaches that will form the next generation standard.

Company name Heiwa Auto Co., Ltd.
Business contents Used car export and sales to approximately 20 countries around the globe
Head office address 6-1 Nagisa-cho, Izumiotsu-city, Osaka 595-0055, Japan
Stock yard 7-2 Ozushima-cho, Izumiotsu-city, Osaka 595-0074, Japan
Establishment September 16, 1966
Capital 90,000,000 yen
Executive Executive Chairman Toshihito Yokozutsumi
Executive Chairman Kenji Sawa
President Junji Abe
Executive Managing Director Hironori Tamai
Director Kohei Tomita
Auditor Yoshitsugu Toda
Auditor Mitsuru Okada
Employees 36 (As of July 31, 2021)
Consolidated employees 730 (As of July 31, 2021)
Sales 42,895,690,000 yen (As of July 2021)
Consolidated sales 54,259,430,000 yen (As of July 2021)
Business partners
Heiwa Auto operates with Permission from Osaka Public Safety Commission.
Reg. No.2703
Sep. 1966
・Established the company in Tennoji-ward, Osaka to sell used cars
Apr. 1992
・Advanced into the used car exporting business
Apr. 1993
・Started export and sales in New Zealand
Jun. 1998
・Transferred the headquarters to Izumiotsu-city, Osaka
Mar. 1999
・Withdrew from the used car sales business in Japan
Jul. 2000
・Moved the head office to the headquarters in Izumiotsu-city
Nov. 2004
・Expanded and transferred the stock yard to Izumiotsu-city, Osaka
Apr. 2006
・Established Auto Portal Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2007
・Established Enhance Auto Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2007
・Established H3 Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2008
・Opened H3 Co., Ltd. Joyfit Kishiwada shop
Jul. 2009
・Transferred the head office to Sukematsu stockyard in Ozushima-cho
Jul. 2009
・Established HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2010
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Marugen Ramen Kishiwada shop
Apr. 2011
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Marugen Ramen Tondabayashi shop
Sep. 2012
・Opened H3 Co., Ltd. Recycle Mart Kumatori shop
Oct. 2012
・Opened H3 Co., Ltd. GENKI NEXT Izumi Fuchu shop
Mar. 2013
・Opened H3 Co., Ltd. GENKI NEXT Takaishi shop
May. 2013
・Transferred the head office to 12th floor of Kirara Center Building
Jan. 2014
・Opened H3 Co., Ltd. Cares Home Nursing Station
Oct. 2014
・Established UNIQUE Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2015
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Yakiniku King Izumisano shop
Mar. 2016
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Marugen Ramen Kashihara shop
Feb. 2017
・Opened H3 Co., Ltd. Joyfit Kaizuka shop
Jun. 2018
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Marugen Ramen Okinawa Misato shop
Aug. 2018
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Marugen Ramen Naha Kokuba shop
Mar. 2019
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Marugen Ramen Kishiwada Yasaka shop
Dec. 2020
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Marugen Ramen Urasoe Shop
Jun. 2021
・Opened HEIWA Dining Co., Ltd. Yakiniku King Izumichuo shop

Summary of used car export

We are always constructively considering new systems and forms of used car exporting business to collect and provide the latest information according to needs of customers.
We will promptly and precisely find vehicles according to customers’ requests and provide high-quality services to customers using our own system and network.

We are able to realize quality that satisfies our customers through detailed inspections such as inspection before loading shipments conducted by our staff members to countermeasure negative concepts people may have toward used cars.

In addition, we offer detailed communication and attendance when visiting Japan for our customers as well as visits to sites outside Japan to have closer relationship with customers since building good relationship with our customers is of utmost importance to us.

Heiwa Auto is determined to continue addressing efforts and tackle with challenging approaches to distribute high-quality used cars without being satisfied with the current situation.

Fully equipped with information terminals at the company and is directly connected online with auction sites all around Japan.

Our quality eliminates the connotation of “Used car = What costs little is little esteemed”.

Effective and fast delivery is provided by loading at ports in Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Hakata and other main ports in Japan.

Good relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance to us.

We export approximately 2,500 units of used cars from Japan per month to more than 20 countries around the globe (New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Cyprus, Africa, etc.).

The country where we have the highest sales performance, New Zealand, relies completely on imported cars to meet the demand since there is no automobile manufacturer in the country. Also, 70% of imported cars in New Zealand are used cars from Japan.
New Zealand has the highest quality standard for imported used cars compared to other countries. However, vehicles of Heiwa Auto are exported utilizing original systems and services providing secure supporting system to meet the high standard in New Zealand.

Vehicles are exported to other countries safely and securely as well by applying the same high standard to systems and services for exporting vehicles providing satisfaction to many of our customers.


Our company has an at-home atmosphere and employees have good relationships with each other, always having smiling faces seen inside the office.
Japanese, English and other languages are used in the office and all sales representatives are communicating with customers abroad through various communication methods such as telephone, email, Skype, Line and Viber. Our company has a long history in the industry and is a company that puts high priority in realizing customer satisfaction. Due to this nature, each employee has naturally come to cherish communicating with our customers and they are able to have relaxed conversations with them beyond country boundaries. In addition, the provision of events such as company trips and bowling competitions where all employees can enjoy across the barrier of positions and ages is also a corporate culture of Heiwa Auto.


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Heiwa Auto Co., Ltd.
6-1 Nagisa-cho, Izumiotsu-city, Osaka
595-0055, Japan