Our Never Ending Challenges
Create the World's Future

"Our never ending challenges create the world's future"

We, Heiwa Auto Co., Ltd.,
engage in the used car export business
and we are connected with people from all around the world.

We receive diverse demands from various countries such as Oceania, European countries, and Asian countries. The used car trade requires extensive knowledge and high quality due to import regulations and quality standards. We utilize our unique systems and networks to source vehicles that meet each customer's specific needs and provide them with the best options. Moreover, we value the "bond" with our customers, not just the sale of goods. By actively providing not only attendance at the time of arrival in Japan but also on-site visits, we have received positive feedback from many of our customers. We at Heiwa Auto, as a leading company with a long history, will continue to promote initiatives and challenges to provide high-quality used cars to people all over the world.